Meeting the Direwolves

Thor and Odin are real filmstars. If you are a fan of HBO’s hit show Game of Thrones you will know them as Summer and Greywind – the Direwolves of Robb and Bran Stark. When we visited Northern Ireland we had the opportunity to meet them and even got a photo!

We talked to the owner of Direwolf Tours and parent of Odin and Thor William Mulhall who filmed for Game of Thrones and Vikings as a marine stuntman about his dogs’ fame, the celebrities they met and how YOU can get a photo with them, too.

Your dogs Thor and Odin play the Direwolves Summer and Greywind in Game of Thrones. How did they get the role?

Odin and Thor are a rare dog breed. This kind of breed is generally used when filming Wolves because they are so highly intelligent and so Wolf like in their appearance and that is exactly why I got them. I wanted cool dogs.
Their unique breed made it easy for Game of Thrones to find because they are the only litter of its kind in Ireland. My breeder phoned me up three weeks after taking Odin and Thor home and said “there is some TV show wants to use your dogs in it” I asked what kind of TV show and she replied “ I don’t know like swords and shields and stuff” and I said “Cool I’m into that”.

What breed are your dogs?

Odin and Thor are a Northern Inuit a relatively new breed to Europe. Inspired by the Inuit people of North America, Canada and Greenland who, legend has it, mated dogs and wolves to try and obtain a dog that could work long hours but would live as a family pet, several dogs of unspecified origin were imported from North America into Britain in the early 1980’s. The breed has continued slowly since and has gathered popularity from the beginning of Game of Thrones.

How do the dogs cope with all the attention?

They are used to it. They have met well over 100,000 people in the last two years and have always been on good form! Sometimes they will howl for a treat but they generally sleep and get their photo taken. It’s a dog’s life but they get photographed doing it.

What do they like to do when they are not filming?

They love to run along the local beaches we live close to. They have their own sofa they sleep on and a balcony that overlooks the Irish Sea. They are also part time models used in photo shoots for promotions such as St.Patrick’s day and other fashion shoots.

This is the scene where you can see the Direwolves for the first time. The Stark family discovers them in the woods.

How can people meet them?

Tourists can meet Odin and Thor as a part of a Game of Thrones location tour. The location tour takes tourists around memorable Game of Thrones locations filmed in the Irish countryside such as forest, mountains, castles and coastline. Wearing Stark cloaks and wielding replica swords from Game of Thrones meeting Odin and Thor is the highlight of the tour.

Were there any celebrities who visited Thor and Odin?

Recently Odin and Thor met Dortmund Football player Marcel Schmelzer who posted his tour experience on his personal Instagram. As well as Game of Thrones actors on and off the set they have met everyone from Kit Harrington (Jon Snow) Sean Bean (Ned Stark) Alfie Allen (Theon Greyjoy) Ian Beattie (Ser Meryn Trant) and many more.
From CEO of Billion Dollar companies to Royalty Odin and Thor have met people from all walks of life.

Where can you find Thor and Odin on Social Media?

Odin and Thor have their own Facebook , Instagram , Twitter and Website. All named Direwolf Tours. On each of these platforms you can see daily updates of the Direwolves and book a tour to meet them.

You want to know more about them?

Go visit these amazing dogs on their Website and check them out on Social Media:






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